Privacy Policy

Personal Information via the Web Site of Kaisei Industries, Inc.


Personal Information that you may provide through Kaisei Industries, Inc. Web site is any information that could be identified the individual such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and etc.


Kaisei Industries, Inc. complies with Japanese laws , rules and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.


In order to prevent damage, loss, falsification, leaks, or unintended use of personal information, Kaisei Industries, Inc. makes the best effort to ensure the appropriate and strict management policy and its improvement.


The personal information collected from customers are handled under the strict management, and Kaisei Industries, Inc. will not share the customers’ information with third parties except following and justifiable reasons.

  • With a permission from the customer.
  • When Kaisei Industries, Inc. needs to share the provided information with affiliated companies in order to reply to the inquiry. 
  • When Kaisei Industries, Inc. is aware of following matters, we may provide information to third parties without notice: emergencies affecting people’s lives, bodies, and their properties, and duties to follow laws, regulations, and public institution like judiciary and police.


Kaisei Industries, Inc. may use the provided information for proper and safe management of the Web site in case the unauthorized access needs to be disconnected, and issues need to be identified and restored; however, we will never disclose the information liked with personal data.


Kaisei Industries, Inc. will review and amend the privacy policy based on the latest laws , rules and regulations.


Any disclosure, correct, add, or delete the personal information will be changed upon a request from inquiry form. Finally, we appreciate inquiries regarding thoughts and questions to improve the privacy policy.

September 16, 2015
Kaisei Industries, Inc.