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Releasing Film KAI PEEL

Our new films: surface treatment technology and releasing coat in combination. It is available for sandblasted and brushed films.


Proccessing Methods

  • Release Films


  • Tearing Off

Kai Peel is a releasing film which release agent is applied after surface treatment on plastic film is processed. We offer a variety of product lines depending on your needs.

Feature 1: Transfer Sandblasted and Brushed Design

The most appropriate surface gloss ratio is available with sandblasted type including the much lower gloss. Of course transfer brushed design is provided.

Feature 2: Various Release Forces

There are various release forces from light to heavy and thicknesses of raw material between 25μ and 250μ.

Feature 3: Different Release Forces with Same Release Agent

Kai peel functions different release forces on each side of double stick tape by using a single release agent. Compared to common releasing films, Kai peel is capable of maintaining stick force on one side while peeling easily on the other side.

Product Lines

Release Agent

Release Force
(only in Silicone Type)

Surface Treatment

  • Silicone Type
  • Non Silicone Type
  • Fluorine Type
  • Light Force
  • General Force
  • Heavy Force
  • Sandblasted
  • Brushed
  • Kneaded Material
  • Clear
25・38・50・75・100・125・188・250 μm
※For Kneaded Material: available only in 25・38・50μm

Film Structure

① Sandblast Type

② Hairline Type

③ Clear Type


▲A Image of Releasing Film

  • Production Processing Films for Electric Materials : for ceramic capacitor and etc.
  • Production Processing Films for Decoration Transfer : for IMD, patch on uniform and etc.
  • Gum and Film Forming Processing : for industrial rubber sheet and etc.
  • Processing Films for Casting : for design transfer to plastic and etc.
  • Releasing Separator for Adhesive Films : for labels and etc.
  • Releasing Films for Medical Use : for fomentation and etc.
  • Please contact us for other applications.

Introduction Case

Transfer Film after Cutting

Cutting Sheet after Transfering to Fabric

Kaisei Industries, Inc. specializes in processing of sandblasting, brushing, slitting, inspection, water cleaning and others for plastic films.

We are proud of our surface treatment technologies of sandblasting/sand matting and brushing/hairline with our own mechanical design. Films, which are processed with those technologies, are used in a wide range of industries such as industrial labels, processing base materials, and decorative films for electronic devices, automobile, home electrical appliance, building material, and packing.

To meet the high quality demand of products like slitting and Inspection, processing in a clean room have brought high reliability from our customer for many years.