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A wide range of slitting processes are available such as general industrial use, high quality products for optical use, special grade, and developing products


Processing Methods

  • Slit Edge of Films
  • Resize Films
  • Wide to Narrow Width


  • Cutting
  • Continual Cutting

For Better Quality of Raw Materials

 We provide slitting mainly on PET and TAC films from general industrial to optical use, and all films are processed inside clean rooms. We are proud of our web handling which is a beautifully winding technique under proper conditions. We have been acquiring these abilities from joint developments and researches with film makers, and knowledge and skills from slitting and web handling seminars.

Quality control is also managed, so that conditions are determined under certain requirements.

Furthermore, not only ordinary slitting, but we also accept processes with clients presence for developing products so that they can confirm the benefits and risks at the same point in processing.

Please feel free to contact us for more information including packaging subsidiary material and more.

Processing Methods

Shear Slitting(Scissor Slitting)

Using upper and lower circular blades like scissors, and those rotating blades enable to slit films constantly with same size.

Wrap Shearing

Webs are deeply wrapped around a lower blade shaft which is consisting of lower blade and distance piece. This popular slitting method is superior in dimensional stability.

A Image of Pass Line by Wrap Shearing

Straight Shearing(Tangent Shearing)

There is little wrap around a lower blade, and it is effective in thicker web slitting.

A Image of Pass Line by Straight Shearing

Razor Sltting

Compared to shear slitting, only upper but sharper blade is used. It is effective in thinner web slitting.

Processable Films

Multi-Purpose Large Slitter

A 40㎜ friction shaft enables to slit into multiple splits. As it is less digital handling, various condition settings are available so that mainly used for development and preproduction.

Large Slitter

It is mainly used for optical purposes as the cleanliness improves up to class 100. Shaft winding and up to two splits are available.

Multi-Purpose Slitter

A 50㎜ friction shaft enables to slit into multiple splits. Register conditions by touch panel is available.

Optical Slitter

Since all rollers function as control of drive, extremely damage free and high quality of slitting is available.

Also, all windings are controlled by a single motor which enables high grade and steady process. Four types of feeding and our original combination of blades bring the best cut edge for your need. Up to three splits are available.


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  • Polyester films like PET and PEN
  • For optical films like TAC, PMMA, PC and COP
  • All other plastic films like PI, OPP, CPP and etc. are available to process.


Slit films are used in industrial purpose and others.

Kaisei Industries, Inc. specializes in processing of sandblasting, brushing, slitting, inspection, water cleaning and others for plastic films.

We are proud of our surface treatment technologies of sandblasting/sand matting and brushing/hairline with our own mechanical design. Films, which are processed with those technologies, are used in a wide range of industries such as industrial labels, processing base materials, and decorative films for electronic devices, automobile, home electrical appliance, building material, and packing.

To meet the high quality demand of products like slitting and Inspection, processing in a clean room have brought high reliability from our customer for many years.